Absolute Events | Tips For Choosing An Unconventional Event Venue
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Tips For Choosing An Unconventional Event Venue

Not every event has to be at a venue known for, or with the sole purpose of, hosting events. Sometimes, certain themes, missions, or audiences warrant something a little outside the box.

Now, you have to be careful. In our experience in NY and NJ event planning, some social or corporate events are more formal in nature and better suited for something more predictable.

However, if you feel like the event you’re planning calls for something more original or innovative, check out these unconventional venue ideas to get in the right frame of mind.

Make sure the venue connects with your theme or mission.

Whenever planning weddings or other social events, or corporate meetings, conferences, etc., it’s important to choose your theme and objective early on in the process. Every subsequent decision should tie back in with it.

The point is, don’t host your corporate incentive meetings at the Bronx Zoo or an aquarium just because it seems offbeat and original.

If the mission of the event has no discernible connection with the venue itself, the initial allure and wonder of the space will wear off quickly, and then it’ll just seem odd rather than interesting.

Think unpredictably about predictable spaces.

We know, that subheading sounds confusing. Basically, it means that the venue itself doesn’t necessarily have to be unusual if you come up with an innovative way to use it.

For example, try using a nightclub to host a day event. We’ve been event planners in NY and NJ for a long time, and this kind of establishment is usually closed or quiet during the day, meaning it could be easier and cheaper to book.

Everything’s usually already in place too in terms of sound and lighting, as well as food & drink areas.

Remember though, it’s important to unify the venue and the nature of the event itself. So, in this case, you could weave in the nightclub theme or hire a DJ to take it to the next level.

Transform an empty space into whatever, or whenever, you want.

Parking lots can function as wonderful event spaces all by themselves. Just throw up some tents, get a band or some form of entertainment depending on the event, bring in a food truck, and voila.

You can also transform vacant spaces like parking lots into whatever, or wherever you want. For instance, you can bring in some classic cars and set up and drive-in-movie-theater presentation.

The same goes for interior spaces too. Try to find vacant buildings and transform them into old ballrooms or speakeasies. Again, though, make sure the concept connects with your objective or theme.

Just make sure there’s a connection between the venue and the event.

The truth is, when the event you’re hosting allows for unconventional thinking in terms of the venue, you have a lot of options.

Residential homes or yards, for instance, have worked beautifully as event venues, for the right events of course.

It’s all about cleverly connecting the unconventional space with the theme or objective behind the event. If you can do that, think as far outside the box as you want.

About Us: Absolute Events by Corrine, a leader in meeting & event planning in New Jersey for years, can handle every aspect of the planning process. No matter if it’s a corporate conference, an anniversary party, a fundraising gala, or any other event, Absolute Events by Corrine does it all so that our clients can be guests at their own events.

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