Absolute Events | Ideas For Event Venues That Your Attendees Will Never Forget
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Ideas For Event Venues That Your Attendees Will Never Forget

There are certain aspects of events that leave some room room for error, and then there are those make-or-break event elements, the ones that, if you don’t get right, will render every element you did get right pointless.

One of those aspects is location. Because make no mistake, where you host your next corporate or social event will have the power to set the exact tone you’re striving to achieve, as well as the power to create a tone that’s simply not right for the celebration, if mishandled.

So, we thought we’d put our 17+ years of experience in event planning in NY and NJ to good use and pass on a few ideas for creative venues that we’ve picked up along the way.

Take it outside.

Too many social and corporate events, whether it’s a dinner party or a conference, keep guests stuck in indoors throughout their entirety and one of the best ways to use your location creatively is to take the party outdoors, whether you head to a park and plan some fun games or activities, go to your or another building’s rooftop or garden area, take the fun poolside, set up some tents in a parking lot, etc.

And while the visual allure of something like a state park is obvious, make no mistake, the views from a rooftop and those produced by having a pool as a visual centerpiece, especially if you have some candles or other decorative elements floating in it, can set your event apart as well.

The point is, as long as the weather holds up, simply allowing your attendees to be out in the fresh air can be just the thing your event needs to set the vibe and make the experience unforgettable. Also, if the outdoor vibe is too perfect for your event to pass up on account of the chance of bad weather, there are measures you can take, such as finding an all-season rooftop or making sure there are heat lamps set up.

Looking for a more sophisticated vibe?

If you’re striving to create a more sophisticated atmosphere at your next event, you can start things off on the right foot by hosting it at a library, an art gallery or school, or a museum. Then, you can get creative in terms of how you fold the theme into your decor.

If you take your event to an art gallery, for example, you can display portions of your presentation on canvases and hang them on the wall like pieces of art or if you choose an art school as your venue, you can have students on hand creating works in person, which will serve as a wonderful source of entertainment and encourage more interacting as well.

And if you decide on a museum, know that they are perfect for both casual and formal events alike and, while there are ways to accentuate the space there too, take it from us as longtime NY and NJ event planners, it’s usually best to simply let it speak for itself.

Different spaces = different vibes.

There are plenty more creative ideas for event locations that attendees won’t forget, including concert halls, boats, and local airport hangars—which are great for launching a new product, service, or branch—but the bottom line is that different spaces will result in different vibes and you need to decide on what kind of tone you want to achieve before you even start thinking about the where.

Once you know that, however, remember that the location of your event will be crucial to setting that vibe, so you need to get it right, and you don’t just want to find a venue that fits either but one that will wow attendees.

So, give your venue choice the time and thought it deserves and know that if you want to get a little creative with your space, you have plenty of options. For more information on what to keep in mind when choosing a venue on the unconventional side, check out this post, Tips for Choosing an Unconventional Event Venue.

About Us: Absolute Events by Corrine is a full-service meeting & event planning company in New Jersey. Whether they’re corporate or social, destination or local, Absolute Events by Corrine does it all so that our clients can be guests at their own events.

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