Absolute Events | Healthy Food & Drink Tips For Your Next Event
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Healthy Food & Drink Tips For Your Next Event

So, you’re trying to give an upcoming event some much-needed originality and energy. While choosing an out-of-the-box theme or unique aesthetic style can accomplish this, you’ll need to shell out some significant money.

However, one area that people tend to overlook in which you can spice up your next event: the food & drink choices.

You’d be surprised how innovative and original you can be when it comes to the menu you offer to your guests, and there’s an increasing desire for healthy food options nowadays.

Luckily, we here at Absolute Events by Corrine have been event planning in NJ and NY for over 2 decades. So, here are some tips for choosing healthy food & drink options that’ll be sure to wow your guests at your social or corporate events.

First things first, healthy breakfast/brunch event options.

For an early event where a breakfast or brunch menu is appropriate, whether it’s a conference or another morning affair, you can try serving half portions or smaller, rather than overfilling people and weighing them down.

Try whole wheat bagels instead of plain and use low-fat cream cheese and toppings. A fruit platter can work wonders, as it provides a healthy, energy-inducing snack to guests, while also brightening up the decor and adding a little color to the venue.

If fruit isn’t enough, beef it up with some yogurt or granola, or try oatmeal in a coffee mug. It’s more filling than it looks. The biggest thing is, stay away from donuts, pastries, or muffins.

As far as beverages, common breakfast and brunch drinks like juice and water are relatively healthy options already, and while coffee’s not the best thing for you, you could find yourself facing a mob of angry attendees if you fail to include it on the menu for a breakfast or brunch event.

Now, for healthy lunch choices.

Again, think about portion size. Sometimes even a mid-day event doesn’t necessarily require a full meal. You may be able to get away with some snacks like fresh veggies and dip, some trail mix in a bowl, or, again, a nice fruit platter.

However, if you know your guests will need a little more to keep them going throughout the day, try salads, half-size or small sandwiches, or even whole wheat wraps. Fill them with veggies, fruit, lean turkey, etc., rather than red meat and cheese.

As far as healthy beverage options for a lunchtime event, as longtime NY / NJ event planners, trust us, you should always…ALWAYS, have plenty of water available. On top of that, you can serve unsweetened ice tea or fruit juice.

If you’re planning on serving alcohol at the event, go with drinks with less calories and, again, you can adjust the portion size with skinner glasses.

Lastly, dinner and dessert.

Some scoff at the idea of a dinner salad, but it’s a very healthy choice and, with some doing, it can satisfy a fairly large appetite.

Then, there’s also the option of soup, pasta salad, lean meats, etc. As for side dishes, steamed veggies with lemon and herbs or even a baked potato can work. Just try to use low-fat toppings.

As far as dessert, many events don’t necessarily require a dessert course. However, if you’re planning on serving one, don’t worry, there are healthy choices.

For instance, a small sliver of a not-so-terrible-for-you cake, frozen yogurt, or a fruit platter, once again. Obviously, if you’ve served a fruit platter during an earlier course, this option is literally off the table.

When it comes to beverages for a dinner party or other evening events, it’s the same concept as a mid-day one. However, you may want to include after-dinner coffee as well. Again, when it comes to alcohol choices, try to go with some low-calorie options.

There are plenty of other healthy food & drink options out there. We just hope this post gets you pointed in the right direction so you can design healthy menus for your corporate, social, or wedding events that set them apart while still satisfying the appetites of guests.

About Us: Absolute Events by Corrine is a full-service meeting & event planning company in New Jersey. Whether it’s a corporate conference, a cocktail party, a fundraising gala, a wedding, etc., Absolute Events by Corrine handles every aspect of the planning process so that clients can be guests at their own events.

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