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Anniversary Party

NJ & NY Event Planner

Anniversaries are special occasions. They not only mark the celebration of a significant memory, but also the celebration of a future of continued commitment. For those reasons, an anniversary party needs to be unique and memorable enough to live up to the true meaning of the occasion.

That’s not an easy feat to accomplish, but at Absolute Events by Corrine, we have the necessary knowledge and experience to make it happen. We’ve been in event planning in New York and New Jersey for a long time and we’ve put together all kinds of events and parties.

No matter how many people you want to invite or how elaborate you want to get with the decor or design, planning an anniversary party can be challenging. There’s a lot to consider: the guest list, invitations, the venue, design styles and themes, floral arrangements, centerpieces, photographers, food and drink, entertainment, etc.

Some of these tasks are easier to complete than others, but the point is that it can quickly become overwhelming if you don’t find some help. Planning an anniversary party can be as time-consuming and complicated as planning a wedding.

With our 17+ years of experience as event planners in NY and NJ, we at Absolute Events by Corrine can guide you through the process from preparation through execution. We know which vendors to work with; how to keep everything organized, on track, and in order; and how to solve any problem and deal with any issue that may arise.

Call us for all your anniversary party needs or for a FREE consultation (201-852-7381).


Reviews from some of our clients

“Corrine was a pleasure to work with. From the first week to the last day I felt confident that our wedding would turn out the way we planned. I was stress free & it showed! Everyone around me kept asking me why I was so calm. I was truly able to enjoy the week in Puerto Rico & welcome our guests without having interruptions from 10 different vendors. I had an amazing time & unlike most brides I remember every detail of my wedding because I was able to enjoy the evening instead of making sure things were going smoothly. My only issue was my feet hurting the next day because I had too much time to dance!!!! Corrine, I’m sure you can fix that too!”

– MYRA78

Working with Corrine was a joy. She was a great emotional support when I felt overwhelmed during the planning process. The actual wedding was wonderful-she took care of everything which allowed my spouse and me to truly enjoy ourselves.


“Corrine is the absolute perfect person for you to choose when planning a wedding. We had the difficult task of trying to plan a destination wedding in Cancun Mexico at the Dreams Cancun Resort while living in New Jersey. She made the entire process so easy for myself and my wife. Everything we had asked for she delivered, she went above and beyond our expectations. She was constantly in contact with our vendors in Mexico ensuring that whatever can be done would be done. With that said our wedding turned out beautifully, stress free, and our guests loved her. It was a joy working with her and a joy having her in Mexico with us for our wedding. We’d recommend her event planning services to anyone.”


“It was a pleasure working with Corrine. Always on top of everything… Always taking care of everything herself making sure I did not stress, Flexible always ready when you need her she was just exceptional… would recommend her to anyone who is looking for a planner….. she is the best….. Ana”


Call us today at 201.327.1000 or email us at info@absoluteeventsbycorrine.com


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