Absolute Events | 3 Tips For Getting People Fired Up For Your Next Event
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3 Tips For Getting People Fired Up For Your Next Event

In our 18+ years in event planning in NY and NJ, we’ve gotten all kinds of questions about the event experience, but one of the most critical ones to ask and have answered is, how can you get people excited about your event in the first place?

Because let’s face it, you can create the most customized, spectacular event experience, but if attendees don’t get excited about it enough to attend, what’s the point? So, read on to get some answers to that critical question.

1. Start splitting them up.

If you’ll be having a contest or playing some type of game at your social or corporate event, you can start creating some buzz by setting up the teams beforehand and splitting them up or encouraging them to do so that they can start strategizing.

That way, people can start building connections and bonding over their shared interests, and if a little competitiveness between the different groups emerges, that’ll only add more excitement to the equation.

You can even take it a step further and have hats, shirts, etc., made and, truly, even if you’re not planning any type of game or contest yet building excitement for your event is an issue, you may want to think about doing so just for that reason.

2. Start giving potential event attendees clues.

Another great way to start building some excitement leading up to your corporate or social event is to start planting some seeds by giving potential attendees some clues as to what they can expect.

So, if you’re planning a contest, for example, you can start hinting at the prize or giving out clues that will help the team that finds or deciphers them. Or if your event will be at a surprise location, you can start providing clues as to where that is.

You can also start hinting at or alluding to the upcoming event’s speaker(s), entertainment, or theme, but the point is, giving attendees a taste of the upcoming experience is a great way to start creating some excitement for it.

3. Show off previous successful events.

Giving people an idea of how exciting past events were is another great way to start building excitement for future ones, and the good news is, with all the social media possibilities nowadays, there are plenty of channels through which to do so.

So, show potential attendees photos and, if possible, videos of past events. If you can even create some type of highlight reel of previous events, go for it. That’s the best way to give them a taste of the exciting experience they can expect.

And take it from us as veteran NY / NJ event planners, any reviews or testimonials about previous events will work wonders for generating excitement. If potential attendees see previous ones genuinely excited, it could be infectious, and for more on using social media to help your events, check out this post from Social Media Examiner, 16 Ways to Use Social Media to Promote Your Event.

Excited Attendees = Exciting Event.

The bottom line is, building excitement among attendees isn’t just key to getting them to actually come to the event but also to getting them in the right frame of mind so that their event experience is all it can be.

Remember, excited attendees equals an exciting event, and if they walk in with some inherent excitement built in, you’ve already done a lot of the heavy lifting.

About Us: Absolute Events by Corrine is a full-service meeting & event planning company in New Jersey. Whether they’re corporate or social, destination or local, Absolute Events by Corrine does it all so that our clients can be guests at their own events.

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