Galas Planner

NJ & NY Event Planner

When you hear the word gala attached to an event, the implication is that it will be a somewhat lavish occasion. So, if you’re planning a gala, it has to live up to those lofty expectations. That’s where we come in.

We at Absolute Events by Corrine have been in event planning in the NJ and NY area for a long time and we know, full-well, the kind of time, effort, and energy it takes to keep all the necessary elements organized and on track so that, when the big day arrives, all aspects of the festivities run smoothly.

Like any event planning process, it’s easy to overlook just how much goes into planning a gala event of any kind, no matter the size nor theme. The first thing you need to determine, though, is the goal or purpose of the event. That should dictate every other decision in some way, and there will be many.

You need to consider your budget, the theme and timing, a venue, food and drink preparations, your guest list, invitations, activities and entertainment, music, decor, etc. Our many years of experience as event planners in NYC, NY, and NJ allows us at Absolute Events by Corrine to handle all of this for you.

We’ll also work closely with you to learn the ins and outs of the event and all that you want to get out of it, as well as the personalities of those who will be attending. We can transform any space to bring your vision to life, no matter how elaborate or simple the design, nor how limited the budget.

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