Engagement Party Planner

NJ & NY Event Planner

Much like a wedding, so much goes into planning an engagement party. Also much like a wedding, an engagement party should be memorable and unique to your and your partner’s personalities. Timing is critical and if event planning in NJ and NY is somewhat new to you, you can get in over your head rather quickly.

There’s the venue, the invitations and guest list, the aesthetic style or theme, the food and cocktail situation, etc. Then, you need to come up with a timeline, who does what when. Traditionally, the father of the bride makes the first toast and officially announces the engagement, but nowadays, the groom’s parents or the party’s host often does this as well.

The point is, as successful event planners in the NY/NJ area for a long time now, we at Absolute Events by Corrine know how important it is to weave a certain rhythm and flow into the celebration. On top of that, many couples want an aesthetic style or theme that completely differs from their wedding’s, and then there’s the DJ to consider ... you get the picture.

Planning an engagement party, like any event planning process, can be a challenge. The key is to give all the time and effort it takes to find the right theme for your engagement party and to bring it to life, yet keep in mind the fact that this event is a precursor to a larger one. While you want it to be memorable, you also don’t want to upstage your upcoming wedding.

We’ve been in event planning in NYC/NY and NJ for a long time and we know the fine line between producing an unforgettable engagement party and going overboard. We’ve also established industry connections that make us a one-stop engagement party stop. Call Absolute Events by Corrine today to learn more or for a FREE consultation (201-852-7381).