Awards Dinner Planner

NJ & NY Event Planner

Being named the recipient of any award, for any reason, is worth celebrating. It means someone has done something special, something worth honoring, and has probably worked very hard or put in a lot of time to accomplish it. That’s why the event planning process needs to go smoothly.

That’s what we here at Absolute Events by Corrine are here for. We’ve been in event planning in the New York/New Jersey area for a long time and we know how important the celebration of being named the recipient of an award is, and how memorable the event therefore needs to be.

From the guest list to the venue to the choice of caterer or other food and drink preparations, the point is that there are so many decisions to be made.

That’s not to mention how critical the timing at the event needs to be, and perfect timing, or as close to is as possible, can only be achieved through diligent planning.

Through our history as event planners in NYC and NJ, we at Absolute Events by Corrine have gained all the necessary knowledge and experience to handle every detail, work with the right vendors, and handle any issue that may arise.

No matter what kind of theme or style you’d like to go with nor the size of the budget; no matter what the award is being given for, who to, or who else is attending; Absolute Events by Corrine has what it takes to put together the perfect plan so that, on the day or night of the event, you can sit back and enjoy it like every other guest.