Destination Events

NJ & NY Event Planner

Off-site events, whether a meeting or a conference, can be the perfect way to revitalize your workforce. However, planning a destination event of any kind adds a whole other level to the event planning process.

All the basics still apply, such as the need to determine your goals, put together a guest list, send out invitations, find a venue, prepare an agenda and any necessary materials, handle any food and drink needs, prepare entertainment and/or activities, choose the style and decor, get any necessary equipment, handle the travel and hotel arrangements, etc.

However, with a destination event, you need to think very carefully when choosing a location. The nature of the event, the personalities of the people attending, and your budget, should all factor into the decision.

Luckily, with our 17+ years of experience as event planners in NY and NJ, Absolute Events by Corrine is fully capable of handling every aspect of the process. We’ve gained the necessary experience and developed the kind of long-standing industry relationships that allow us to make every arrangement and make all the necessary preparations.

We’ve been event planning in the New York and New Jersey area for a long time, so we know how much goes into planning a destination event of any kind, for any purpose, to any location, and we can handle every detail so that you can sit back and enjoy your event like any other guest.

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